What if I am not available during the conference dates?

The content will be available on-demand for three months for all registered participants. All sessions will be released on October 29. Simply log into the virtual session platform to view sessions again.

At the request of a few presenters, their sessions will not be recorded. These will be noted by session.

Session resources will be posted on October 29 on diversity.wisc.edu.

How will I access the virtual conference?

You will receive an email with login details a few days prior to the conference. It will prompt you to log back in to the site and click “Attend Session” button.

Can I pick breakout sessions to attend?

Yes, you can choose any session you would like to attend in each breakout session time block. Click “Add to Calendar” to select the calendar of your choice to remind you of the sessions you would like to attend.

How can I ask questions during the sessions?

You must submit your questions for the keynote speakers prior to the event by visiting this site: go.wisc.edu/dfqa20.

Discussion groups will be created for each session and you will be able to join a public online chat discussion and ask questions.

Will my video and audio be on?

No, video and audio will only be on for speakers during the Diversity Forum. Questions and interactive sessions will take place in written chat form.

Will there be a closed captioning option?

Yes, closed captioning will be available.


If you need an accommodation to view this event, please contact DDEEA Events at events@cdo.wisc.edu or 608-265-5228. All accommodation requests should be made no less than two weeks before the event. We will attempt to fulfill requests made after this date, but cannot guarantee they will be met.

Will the session materials be available prior to the start of the conference?

Yes. Some sessions will have readings and activities to view. Please check back at least two days before the start of the session to download.

Why doesn't the presentation appear?

If you're using a pop-up blocker, configure it to allow this site's pop-ups. You will need to change settings in your browser.

Why can't I hear audio?

Check that the computer you are using has speakers.
Check your volume controls. There are three areas you may find volume controls:

  • Browser tab is muted. Look for a mute icon in the browser tab. Right click on the tab to unmute.
  • Player volume: Look for volume icon inside the Player.
  • Computer volume: Adjust the volume slider and confirm that Mute is not selected.
  • External computer speakers (optional): Your speakers may have a volume control dial or knob that you can use to increase or decrease the volume level.
  • Using incognito mode might not allow all features to work correctly.

I keep seeing a popup, "playback ticket not valid for this session"

Chrome 80 introduced a change that may prevent playback of Mediasite content that is embedded in other webpages, such as within an LMS. If you are using Chrome 80 and receiving an error message of "Your playback ticket is not valid for this session", please follow the instructions below to change a Chrome setting. After changing the setting, refresh the webpage and the content should play back normally.


  1. In Chrome's address bar, go to chrome://flags
  2. In the “Search flags” search box, type “samesite”.
  3. Set “SameSite by default cookies” to Disabled”
  4. Set “Cookies without SameSite must be secure” to Disabled.

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Requirements for Viewing a Mediasite Presentation

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